NetEnt Games - Return to Player

NetEnt is a pioneer in the industry when it comes to developing casino games. The developer provides different kinds of games including live games, slots, and table games. Throughout this guide, we'll be explaining what NetEnt games RTP are. Visit netentcasinos to read reviews of NetEnt games.

What is RTP?

RTP is a term that refers to the percentage of bets which all players have placed on a game, and that the game will pay back to them as winnings in the long run. Visit gunghoe32018 to check out casinos where you can play NetEnt games.

To get a better picture of what RTP means, let us consider this example. If all players wager a total of $100 on a particular game with RTP of 96%, then what they can expect to win from the game eventually is $96.

Why RTP is Important

As it can be deduced from the example above, not all the money wagered on the game goes back to players. Some of the money goes ton the casino as profit. This profit is referred to as the House Edge on the game.

As a casino player, you definitely want to get the highest return possible from a game. Thus, it is essential that you go for a NetEnt game that has pretty high RTP rates. This will determine what all players can win from the game eventually.


RTP of Common NetEnt Games

The good thing about NetEnt games is that they come with high RTP rates. Generally, RTP games fall between 92% to 99% RTP. There are a few games that offer over 99% RTP games as well. Below are RTPs of some popular NetEnt games.

  • Branded Casino Blitz Blackjack - 99.50%
  • Gonzo’s Quest - 96.00%
  • Jack Hammer - 97.00%
  • Starburst - 96.10%
  • Branded Casino Roulette - 97.3%

If you want to know what the RTP of a particular NetEnt game, all you need to do is click on the "i" button which is always available in the lower section of the game. This will display the RTP, rules, and paytable information of the game.

Volatility and RTP are Different

One of the common mistake that a few casino players make is confusing volatility and RTP to mean the same thing. While it is true that both terms can be talking about a particular casino game, but their definitions are not the same at all.

Volatility is defined as the risks that casino players take when they play a game. Simply put, it is the probability that you may get to win or lose while playing a casino game. The three levels of volatility are high volatility, low volatility, and medium volatility.

Choosing a Good Casino to Play NetEnt Games

Now that we have explained what RTP means and its importance, we need to also give you some tips to follow when choosing an online casino where you can play NetEnt games. The first thing you need to check is if the casino is licensed.

After making sure that the casino holds a licence from a top gambling authority, you should also check the type of games offered by the casino. Additionally, you should take a look at the promotional offers of the casino, customer support and the payment options.