How You Pick Out The Best Dog Nail Clippers Begins With You

Yes it does, oh, yes it does. Just think how happy your pup is after all these years. He is happy, not so much because he is your old faithful; he is quite relieved that you have been doing a fantastic job looking after him, after all these fine years. But you know age catches up quicker for dogs than it does for you. Just wait until that day arrives when you can no longer bend over and clip your own toenails. Speaking of which, just imagine how it must feel having long, uncomfortable nails.

Sometimes, these old long nails can bring about a bit of pain or discomfort. Dogs do not wear comfy shoes and socks like you do. They only have their four paws to walk across pavements when you take them out for their daily walks. And sometimes in the middle of summer, those stones can get so – ow, ow, ow – hot. Having long, unkempt toenails only makes matters worse for the poor chap. Fortunately, there’s lots you can do about this.

best dog nail clippers

While you do not need to spend a fortune getting your vet or your dog parlor groomer to do this job for your dog, it might still be a good idea to have a chat with your vet on sourcing the best dog nail clippers for your special breed. Oh, and that is another thing. This is something your vet can help you out with. He can talk to you about special clippers – they will be scissors style or guillotine – for special breeds of dogs.

Seeing as though it is going to be your first time clipping or cutting your dog’s nails, do make sure that you learn how to do this intricate job good and proper. If you cut your dog’s nails too short, you’ll end up hurting the chap and his paws could even bleed. It must be a case of neither hot nor cold, but just right, warm and comfy, somewhere in the middle, just like Goldilocks and her tasty porridge.